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i stole this idea from all the other 'claim' communities out there. i didn't see one for a tv show, so i thought id make one :)

rules are simple: you may claim 1 show, at least for now. give everyone a chance to grab their show. this community is just for fun so you don't actually 'own' the show, but i thought this would be fun, so yeah ;)

only one user can claim a show. for instance, if me and another person claim 'That 70's Show', the person that claimed it first would get it. fair is fair, am i right?

if you want a banner or such for your claim, i may make one for you if you don't want to yourself. just ask me nicely and give me the picture you want, text, etc and we'll see :)

oh and soap operas, reality tv and such are included.

anyways, enjoy! i am jennay, your faithful moderator and owner.